"You know her life was saved by rock and roll"

The bond between film and music is a commonplace not just since the invention of sound film. Music was an integral part of the cinematic experience also in the so called silent ages of cinema – be it a grammophone playing the music, an organ or a whole orchestra accompanying the moving images.

From his first steps as a filmmaker on, back at the newly founded film school in Munich, the use of music was also an integral part in Wim Wenders’ film compositions. In most of his movies, sooner or later you will stumble upon a jukebox, a record player or a car radio serving the soundtrack for the pictures in motion. Over the years and throughout the films he assembled a wide variety of musical styles, with traditional and contemporary music, sometimes introducing new voices that later became famous music groups.
Through this curiosity for music some of his soundtracks gained cult status, may it be the iconic slide guitar of Ry Cooder in “Paris, Texas”, the famous revival of Cuban music from his documentary “Buena Vista Social Club”, the special selection for “Until the End of the World” or just “3 American LP’s”, an early short, and many more. 
As a pioneer who is constantly looking out for new tunes and a music expert with a huge collection of records of all genres, it is no surprise Wim Wenders can be spotted DJ’ing on parties from time to time.

Listen in…


Berlin Underground

Berlin underground rockband Infamis is already around since 1987 (although in different incarnations). After discovering the band in San Francisco Wim Wenders decided to put out their 6th album „Im Westen Der Himmel“. „Imagine Tom Waits had learned German by reading Rilke-poems and recites them over the soundtrack of an italo western“, is how he describes the music. More about Infamis here...


Red N Black

Rock it!

We were waiting long enough now for this album to see the light. And the band waited even longer, but soon in 2019 we all can hold it in our hands and let it ring in our ears: "Lost But Grounded" from Berlin newcomers Red N Black. More about them here...



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